The Journey Begins

Hi Selves!

My name is Manaswini and I’m a senior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. I don’t believe that people with complex words coming out of their mouths are smart but I do believe that people who can explain complex concepts in baby terms are the true geniuses. I would like to be a true genius which is why I picked my favorite yes complex topic to research about and explain that knowledge in simple terms. The overarching goal of my senior project is to see whether or not nanorobots are effective in cancer drug delivery ( by comparing the different strategies for detection and treatment of cancer and compare sensitivities) after a specific cancer is detected with nanoparticles. My end product will be an animation video to help teachers and students understand the concepts behind nano treatment strategies because it is a very important and contemporary topic that is hard to understand.

I hope you all find these spider like nanobots  as interesting as I do! Please let me know if you would like to know more about nanotechnology in general.

For more information feel free to take a look at my proposal.

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